If you are a parent who has taught your son/daughter to drive and are not sure if they have reached the required standard for test we are able to carry out a mock driving test.

This involves driving from the proximity of the test centre the candidate will be using, encountering the roads and conditions they may face on test day, independent driving, carrying out at least one of the required manouvers and also testing their knowledge on the show me/ tell me segment of the test. At the end of the mock test we provide written as well as verbal feedback. We have found that students who undertake a mock test are generally better prepared for the DSA Practical Driving Test. Mock tests from £25 please call for quote (Dependent on test centres and whether you use our car or your own, if using your car proof of insurance will need to be seen)


We are now pleased to be able to offer intensive driving courses that can be tailored to your needs and experience. With the various pressures on your time and other commitments it can be difficult to fit regular lessons in, or it may be that you need to pass your test quickly. Some people also find that by driving every day that the intensive style is better suited to them. Prices for intensive driving lessons, generally tend to be less than on a single hour basis.

As mentioned above we can create a package to suit you, from short refresher courses to complete training for people who have never driven before.

Ideally if you are local we would do a single lesson so that we can assess your capabilities and then set a realistic number of hours training to get you up to a standard that would meet the current DVSA driving test level of competence. If you are not in the local area we would discuss your experience and again make decisions based on the information you give us to decide how much training you may need.

With our prices we aim to be competitive and provide good quality driving instruction at a reasonable price. We will do our best to get you through the test, but can offer no guarantees. Some schools do offer guaranteed passes, but often when you read the small print its not quite what it seems. We are a two man driving school so provide personal one to one instruction. We really want you to pass first time with us so will do our best to ensure this happens.

Ideally you will have passed your theory test, so that you are in a position to speak to us and we can discuss availability and test dates. Waiting times for the practical driving test vary so if possible please contact us as early as possible to arrange a course.

If you require accommodation we are able to offer a self contained studio flat very close to the centre of Weymouth. It is able to sleep 2 so why not learn to drive whilst enjoying a seaside holiday in Weymouth. Again for prices etc please call us.


Steve : 07788 443269 or Tim : 07973 458866